We help women in business communicate effectively with the world -- and we help men communicate with women in business!


The Problem

Business development done properly is a win-win outcome where both parties walk away feeling good about the process.

But women and men communicate differently in the workplace setting and often struggle to share visions. How women engage in relationship selling is different than how men engage.


The Solution

We help women learn how to engage in business development best practices by communicating effectively with other women and with men, especially when delivering a value proposition, assessing client needs, and engaging in a long-term relationship where both parties – the buyer and the seller – feel good about the exchange.


The Result

Our clients learn more about various communication styles and will gain the tools they need in order to attract new business, retain current clients, and expand on existing client relationships. The goal is to create not only satisfied clients – but loyal ones!


What We Do

We provide training on how to communicate effectively, building relationships that result in new business. This training includes seminars, webinars, one-on-one coaching, or group sessions. We teach a combination of hard skills and soft skills - the IQ and EQ needed to be a successful modern business developer. To increase your ability to persuade, motivate and influence, effective communication is key. This, in turn, will help you to build trust, rapport, and relationships. Using insights from the Myers-Briggs personality profile, you'll identify your preferred communication style, overlaid with an understanding of innate gender-specific strengths and opportunities related to communication. You will also learn how to recognize the communication styles of others – improving performance.


§ Talking While Female: Understanding Gender-based Communication Style Differences

§ Gender Bias Workshops (Four Modules)

§ How Personality Impacts Verbal Communication

§ The Art of Persuasion


§ Pitching v. Proposing & Procurement's Role

§ Conducting a Meaningful Client Needs Assessments

§ The Three Rs: Reputation (Marketing), Relationships (Business Development, and Responsiveness (Client Service)

§ Networking Naturally

§ Superior Client Service as a Strategy for Business Development

§ LinkedIn for Lawyers

§ The Edge: Implementing and Benefitting from Competitive Intelligence

§ 21 Tips for Associate Marketing


"Freeman Means Business” “Peer Pods” and “Wonder Women in Business" podcasts serve to raise awareness about the great things incredible people in business are doing to serve others. We write about the podcasts on the blog on the website and then share them with social media. The podcasts are carried by Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic and other podcast channels on the web.

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