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What We Do…

To create equity in the workplace, we help women in business communicate effectively with the world -- and we help men communicate with women in business!


The Problem

Women & men communicate differently and often struggle to come up with new ideas, share visions, create strategies & implement plans together. For so long we have focused on D&I with little meaningful result. Effective communication paves the way for the ultimate goal, equity.


The Solution

We help professionals learn effective communication practices, nonverbal & verbal — including non-binary language. We make recommendations for achieving equity in your written communications, taking note of client-centric messaging. We help you to change the workplace by focusing on individual behavior, not just corporate culture. By communicating effectively you’ll make great strides in achieving equity in the workplace.


The Result

By embracing curiosity, our clients learn more about various communications gaining the tools they need to attract, retain & expand relationships with colleagues and clients, creating equity in the workplace — and the world!

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How We Do It

We ask powerful questions that unveil, validate, reveal and confirm. We strive to know as much about our clients’ thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors — and biases — as possible. Then, we ask, “Why”?

Diversity is NOT inclusivity. We need to strive for inclusive diversity. We see bright spots at senior levels. But companies need to focus their efforts earlier in the pipeline to make real progress, according to McKinsey and Lean In. We must educate people about biases; always set up clear criteria in advance for evaluating people; scrutinize the performance and hiring criteria you are using; hold decision makers accountable for their decisions; increase transparency; and host workshops with employees at all levels to educate and encourage. We connect the dots from effective communication to combating gender bias to establishing equity in the workplace through inclusive diversity.


1. Learn more about various communication styles on how to adapt your style to others to achieve your goals.

2. Remain aware of differing verbal & non-verbal communication styles.

3. Combat gender biases that result from our own gender stereotypes.

4. Achieve equity, creating a great place to work – for all.


§ Understanding Gender-Based Communication to Combat Bias (workshop)

§ Tips for Men Who Want to Support Gender Equality at Work (workshop)

§ The Art & Science of Persuasion (presentation)

§ The Three Rs: Reputation, Relationships & Responsiveness (presentation)

§ Networking Naturally is Not Really Networking (workshop)

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