Please Support Wine To Water (W|W), Ensuring Life and Dignity Through the Power of Clean Water

Please help.

There are so many ways you can…

Wine To Water

As you may know, Jaffe has partnered with Wine To Water (W|W) to provide pro bono PR and marketing support to the Boone, NC, non-profit that is committed to supporting life and dignity of all through the power of clean water. 

Immediate Need

The continuing damage from Hurricanes Florence and Michael certainly heightens the awareness and immediate need for clean water in emergency situations – but there are even greater needs that require long-term solutions. To that end, we are asking your immediate help. 

You may be starting to think about year-end activities and donations, or planning upcoming events and partner, practice or firm retreats, and including corporate social responsibility as part of it. We are asking that you please consider involving your law firm in helping the global – indeed human – water crisis, in a profound way. 

Water To Wine Filter Build

An immensely rewarding team-building effort between the company, employees, firm and clients, or between employees, or lawyers and staff by doing a Wine To Water Filter Build. This collaborative effort teaches a group about the efforts in progress for the fight for clean water everywhere, and enables them to individually build water filters that can provide clean water to families for 10 years. Corporations, associations, student groups, scout troops, and yes, law firms are doing W|W Filter Builds; here is an example of how Young Conaway incorporated their W|W Filter Build into their 2017 holiday card. Many helped us build Sawyer filters at LMA’s conference in New Orleans; an easy, yet meaningful experience. Did you see the video announcement we shared that those filters helped a small village in Mexico?!

The work does not end when the well is dug or a filter is provided, rather, this is when the real work to make a difference begins. Wine To Water is making long-term solutions happen in strategic locations around the world: Nepal, the Amazon and the Dominican Republic, as well as supporting immediate clean water needs following natural disasters like Hurricanes Florence, Michael and Maria.

These urgent needs are depleting the stock of water filters that W|W has on hand, and the organization is reaching out to its supporters and friends to ask for immediate help to replenish their supply of water filters. Straight financial donations and fundraisers to sponsor filters are also welcome for their disaster relief fund but we think your firm will receive a deep and meaningful impact from personally participating in a W|W Filter Build.

Disaster Relief

The disaster relief fund helps W|W keep a stockpile of filters ready to be rapidly deployed in any disaster response situation that they are responding to. Since Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, W|W distributed 500+ filters from reserve for strategic points, like hospitals, to help provide immediate access to clean water.  

For More Information

Please consider a Filter Build this season, give the gift of clean water. For more information, get details at W|W Filter Build and contact Brooke Frazzetto at