A Completely, Wholly Fascinating Woman


Elizabeth “Betsy” Munnell

She is a Harvard College and Harvard Law School graduate, a wife, a mother of three, a sister, an aunt, a godmother and now, my friend. I had the great and distinct pleasure of chatting with Betsy Munnell on our “Wonder Women in Business” podcast today — but why? Why Betsy?

You see, I had connected on LinkedIn with Betsy because she reached out to say she liked what I was doing to move the needle for women in business, specifically in legal. I was touched by her support and we agreed to have a phone conversation. It was one of the most amazing phone conversations I have ever had.

Betsy lives in New England, where my son was born, and where my friends and some family still reside. It was my home was for nearly twelve of the most powerful, life-changing years of my fifty-two. We have a lot in common. We enjoy much of the same humor and we share many of the same pains. Betsy and I spoke of her years as a supremely successful practicing lawyer and my years in financial services.

This woman, Betsy Munnell, is quite fascinating. Beyond quite, frankly. As I journey through this new venture of lifting women up, I am connecting with some of the most authentic, colorful, creative, brilliant female minds I have ever come to know. Betsy is one of these women. She is a rare gem, who, while raising three children with her husband (also a lawyer), caring for aging parents, and recovering from a mid-career diagnosis of bipolar disorder, still built and grew a robust and successful transactional law practice. Some of her fondest memories are of those years in practice, before she had any idea she would have the good fortune to found and grow a firm of her own in business development coaching.

I believe that in a setting such as the practice of law at one of the country’s finest firms and then her own, Betsy was a survivor. She has endured some of life’s greatest challenges and come out on the other side, a stronger woman, living by example for others.

In her recent LinkedIn article, Betsy writes:

I am a lawyer, and now also an advisor to other lawyers. I have led a rich life. A lucky life. A good life.

Over the past eight years I have deployed all the hard won skills, savvy and wisdom accumulated in these many roles to become the best of the best in a new role, and in my third-- most meaningful-- career.

I am a patient advocate. I have neither business cards nor website. I have only one client. I provide my services pro bono but am richly compensated. I am very good at what I do.

The story that follows is a heart-wrenching tale of her courageous journey as a patient advocate for her husband, best friend, soul mate. The tale, as told by Betsy, will move you, I am sure. It is a tale of resilience and restraint, of living in gratitude as a coping mechanism, and of, as Betsy puts it, “Taking pleasure — every day, all day — in doing the job better, and being braver and tougher, than you ever thought possible.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy for this podcast. She is all abuzz and “on” the entire time. Her energy is high and her enthusiasm, infectious. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did. Betsy is clearly worthy of the title, “Wonder Woman,” of this I am sure.

Wonder Women in Business, Betsy Munnell

Elizabeth “Betsy” Munnell is a business development coach and consultant for lawyers and law firms. She is also the co-creator of a case study driven business skills training program for law firm associates.  Before forming EHMunnell in '09 she practiced law for 30 years, 24 as a partner at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge (now Locke Lord LLP), where she was one of the founders of EAPD's Boston office and its nationally recognized media and communications debt finance, private equity and M&A industry practice group. Betsy serves on the Board of the ABA’s Career Center. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard law School.

Betsy can be reached at:

Cambridge, Massachusetts
617.596.9031 | emunnell@ehmunnell.com
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