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Gina Passarella

Wonder Woman

Gina Passarella

Our "Wonder Women in Business" podcast serves to raise awareness about the great things incredible women in business are doing to survive, thrive and serve others. Everyone has a story and we give a voice to the women whose stories are meaningful, moving, and compelling. We share their story with the world so that in their shining, they give permission to others to shine, as well. Gina Passarella, Editor-in-Chief of ALM's Global Legal Brands certainly shines brightly and we were lucky to have her as a guest on our show today. 

About Gina Passarella

Gina shares about her background, education and current role which she has held for four months. Along with serving as Editor-in-Chief of The American Lawyer, Gina works with the EICs of ALM's global legal brands, including Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal, Legal Week and China Law & Practice, to connect the deep insights of ALM's niche audience segments, building communities across the entire legal industry.

Gina speaks to us about her proudest professional accomplishment, who her inspiration has been. She candidly shares with us advice to other women to support women in business. She even shares her greatest challenges and how she overcomes. In true generous Gina style, she graciously gives thanks to Hank Grezlak, editor-in-chief of ALM's regional legal brands and theme desks, who gave her the big break, Chief Content Officer Molly Miller, her current boss, and beautifully, to her mother Sandi and daughter Aria.

Enjoy the podcast here:

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Gina Passarella

Editor-in-Chief, Global Legal Brands (The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal, Legal Week, China Law & Practice)

The American Lawyer

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NYC: 212-457-9624  *   PHL: 215-557-2494  *  Mobile: 202-302-0565


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