Wonder Woman in Business, Linda Ficano, with the Most Adorable Accent Ever!


Linda Ficano

Client Solutions Specialist, Neo Design Group

Linda Ficano began her legal marketing career nearly 25 years ago when Paul, Weiss asked her to delve into this new industry where she developed and implemented their first marketing department. Her career led her to the IP specialty firm Fitzpatrick in 2004 when a friend of hers heard they were looking to hire their first seasoned marketing director.  The collaboration was successful and lasted nearly 15 years.

During those years Linda played a key role in many initiatives including project management, PR, redesigned websites, creation of microsites and overall raising recognition of the firm’s name in the New York business and legal communities. 

In January Linda was asked to join Neo Design Group as their client solutions specialist. Linda had worked with Neo Design Group while at Fitzpatrick where they collaborated on the creation of microsites for individual practice groups and the rebranding and redesign of the firm’s website.

Linda’s belief that every law firm would benefit from having a business executive manage client relationships and her passion for branding led to the decision to join the team at Neo Design Group where her role will be a liaison between your company and the design team to ensure exceptional client service.

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Linda and her two daughters went to Thailand for her younger daughter Christina’s 30th Birthday.

One of their stays was at the Four Seasons in the Golden Triangle where they created an elephant sanctuary. Not only did her daughters ride them with the guides, they were able to feed them at breakfast time!

“The trip was so rewarding,” says Linda. They chose Thailand because not only were they looking for beauty but were interested in spirituality, as well. It’s a trip all three of them still treasure.

Linda Ficano, Client Solutions

Neo Design Group

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