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Wendy Toth

One day, I was on a plane to Boston and I sat next to a most remarkable woman named, "Wendy Toth" from Belmont, CA. Wendy was a C-suiter in tech in the communications realm so we had plenty to talk about. However, Wendy and I connected on a much deeper level. I felt as if I had known her for many lifetimes. She is a strong, sensitive, take-no-BS, kind of woman. She is a lover to her sculpture artist husband and friend to her sports racer son. She is a best friend to few and a good friend to many. She and I got off that plane never having met before but having decided to dine together at Legal Seafoods on Boston Harbor. Mike was already in Boston so he met us for dinner and we enjoyed one of the most memorable evenings ever. After Boston, Wendy changed positions and is now with Amazon. Though we have not kept in touch, I still feel her friendship. 

Well, while in Healdsburg, Wendy Toth "followed" me on Twitter. I immediately sent her a picture of Mike waving at her and this message:

"Omg! We thought you were out of our lives. We miss you! We have to get together! Follow @mikefutrell too!"

As I explored her profile on Twitter, I saw:
Wendy Toth 
Writer & Editor. Content Director. Editor-in-Chief @PowerSuiting Contributor to NY Times, NBC, PetCoach and more.

I quickly realized it was not the same Wendy Toth

After I realized, I messaged to explain my mistake. We had a good laugh and then continued to chat. This Wendy Toth is as exciting as any and I am now thrilled to interview her on my "Wonder Women in Business" podcast. She is delightful, smart, kind, funny, and has terrific content. Follow her if you're on Twitter: @bestWendy and tell her @susfree sent you. ;-)

It's a small world and we should welcome new people, places and things into our heads and hearts. That, and "Wendy Toths" across the nation, coast-to-coast, are pretty cool people!

Today, I had an incredible conversation with the East Coast Wendy Toth!

Wendy is a writer, editor, and mom of two boys, with a focus on making life more fulfilling for families. For the last 15 years she has held staff and freelance positions at some of this country’s top publications. She’s been a staffer at Parents Magazine, NBC, PetSmart and most recently Happy Wellness Life. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Weight Watchers Magazine, Esperanza, and many more. Because she loves her work so much, she’s obsessed with helping others find career fulfillment, and writes about it regularly at PowerSuiting.com.

In the podcast, Wendy speaks about her proudest professional accomplishment (to date, as she is young and is sure to have many more) and she mentioned having been published in the New York Times. I asked her if I could share the piece, “No, You Can’t Run With Me” and she said yes so enjoy. She also mentioned one of her inspirational mentors as Susan Shapiro, an award-winning writing professor, freelances for the NY Times, NY Magazine, WSJ, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Elle & Oprah.com. She's the bestselling author/coauthor of 12 books. I thought I might share her site here as well: SusanShapiro.net for those aspiring writers who are reading this!

Contact Wendy:

Website: PowerSuiting.com http://www.powersuiting.com/

Portfolio Site: WendyToth.com https://www.wendytoth.com/

Twitter: @PowerSuiting https://twitter.com/PowerSuiting

Twitter: @BestWendy https://twitter.com/BestWendy