If You Want to Be a Speaker, Hone your Pitch!

Hone Your Pitch!.png

Cindy Ashton writes: If you want to be a speaker, you’ll need to hone your pitch for the various associations hosting. Here are some great guidelines:

1. Who is your market (corporate is too broad for example but business development in legal is more specific)?

2. What is your point of view? What do you have to say that is radically different than other speakers in your topic and market? (And remember, it is NOT your story. It has to be a specific deliverable you can give to the audience that addresses their needs)

3. What are your 3 signature talk titles and description and for WHO (it needs to be specific and most speakers say anyone)

4. Prep your 300 word bio, 100 word bio and 100 word introduction

5. Have at least 2 high resolution pictures (one headshot, one in action)

6. A list of previous clients (choose your top 10 most recognizable ones)

7. A list of your top 5-10 media you have done

8. Your speaker reel

9. A video of you speaking continuously for at least 5-10 minutes. They need to see how you carry yourself in a longer clip

10. Testimonials