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Brenda Pontiff

Brenda Pontiff is the Director of Business Development, Diversity & Inclusion for Horvitz & Levy, LLP, the nation’s largest appellate law firm. Brenda started her business development career in law before marketing departments at firms existed. She served in a sales role at Vinson & Elkins for almost 8 years before becoming a business development manager at Deloitte & Touche where she sold litigation support services. From there, she went on to lead Ernst & Young’s largest sales support team and then took a role as a global client retention leader, achieving a 100% success rate in maintaining relationships with critical at-risk priority clients.  Brenda believes client service innovation is the key to law firm growth and success.

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Having worked as a professional stand-up comic, writer, and actress, Brenda brings to bear a unique blend of skills. She’s passionate about sales and knows the importance of story and humor for crafting a winning pitch. She does not rely on marketing jargon or sophomoric solutions and believes selling is actually a service one provides to clients, helping them uncover issues and developing solutions.

Brenda Pontiff

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Twitter: @brendapontiff