Badass Lady Gang Member a.k.a. Wonder Woman in Business, Lindsay Griffiths Shares New News!


Lindsay Griffiths

International Lawyers Network

Lindsay Griffiths is [currently] the International Lawyers Network’s (ILN) Director of Global Relationship Management. In this role, she develops and facilitates relationships among ILN member firm lawyers at 90+ law firms in 67 countries, and seeks opportunities for member firms to build business and relationships, while ensuring member participation in Network events and initiatives. Ms. Griffiths works closely with the Network’s Executive Director on the oversight and management of day-to-day operations. She develops strategies and implementation plans to achieve the ILN’s goals, and shares responsibility with the Executive Director for recruitment, member retention, and a high level of service to members.

At least that’s what you THINK she is — and what she does — for now.

In this episode of “Wonder Women in Business Podcast,” Badass Lady Gang Member, Lindsay Griffiths shares with us some surprising news about her newest professional accomplishment and some of her proudest personal and professional achievements. Lindsay speaks about a unique and unexpected inspirational mentor, someone you’d never guess. Together we dish about gender bias, particularly “prove it again” bias in the international arena.

This was one of the most fun podcasts to date. Enjoy — and Go Red Sox!


Lindsay Griffiths, ILN

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Lindsay Griffiths, Executive Director of Global Relationship Management


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