A Visit to the Island with Mike O'Horo


Mike O’Horo

“The Coach”

Mike O’Horo is been known by lawyers everywhere as The Coach. He’s helped more than 7000 of them generate $1.5 billion in new business. He’s integrated human coaching with online education (Dezurve) and interactive training (RainmakerVT) that teaches practical business development skills. These tools also enable firms to identify which lawyers are serious about learning, and which will contribute to the estimated 80% waste of your budget.

Prior to getting into the law biz, Mike had been a:

  • gemologist, jewelry designer, and turnaround manager for underperforming stores,

  • sales trainer for jewelry salespersons,

  • recruiter for the computer industry,

  • co-creator of crude, pre-Internet software to automate recruitment (startup ended in a crash and burn),

  • sports marketer, selling pro tennis event sponsorships and athlete endorsements

Since 1991, Mike has been a sales coach to lawyers, helping them generate opportunities and convert them into revenue. He created processes and software that supports all three components of the learning mission:

1. Education : Dezurve is a curated library of marketing/sales topics. It enables firms to offer BD education to all their lawyers at negligible cost. By measuring each lawyer’s participation level, it identifies which lawyers are committed to learning, and therefore deserve additional investment in training and coaching.

2. Training : RainmakerVT is a 24/7 virtual world where lawyers learn and practice BD skills via interactive simulations. It also tracks participation and progress, identifying which lawyers deserve serious coaching investment.

3. Coaching : This is the 1:1 collaboration by which lawyers apply what they’ve learned.

We had a great time on the podcast, touching upon his recent marriage and move to Belize. Yes, Belize, folks! I had an incredible interview with Mike, sharing some great intel and some fun stuff too! Enjoy the podcast here:

Mike O’Horo

How can people reach Mike?

  • Websites: Rainmakervt.com and Dezurve.com

  • Email: mikeohoro@rainmakervt.com

  • Twitter: @salescoach

  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikeohoro/

  • Skype for U.S. callers: 702-879-4837